Vincent Eid

Genuine connections, authenticity, and sports are like oxygen for me. And nothing fulfils me and inspires me like seeing people bypassing their self-limiting beliefs and living like legends. This is why I ended up in coaching after 10+ years in the corporate world.

My purpose as a coach is to pop up any bubble limiting your potential, and I will do anything for that. I will challenge you, and it won’t feel comfortable at times, but it will definitely be exciting and rewarding for you. I want you to live your potential! I want you to dream big! And I want you to achieve your dreams! And I will be there to support you during your transformation.  

A bit about me: I come from Lebanon, got my MBA at HEC Paris in France in 2016, and has been living in Amsterdam for three years. I can coach in three languages: Arabic, French, and English (and soon in Italian). With 10+ years of experience in multi-national companies, three different industries, and five different functions, I know the corporate world inside out.

I know the confusion of not knowing which job really fulfils you, and the frustration of being stuck with a boss or a position that’s not getting the best out of you. That’s why I enjoy working with MBA students and young professionals the most, to help them identify what is their dream job and how to land it.

As a sports and fitness enthusiast, I also love working with amateur and professional athletes* (everyone who has a body is an athlete) that are looking to break their plateaus, live a healthy energetic life and reach their next levels.

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