Susan de Vriend

Susan is an immigrant from the state of Michigan in the United States. Nine years ago, she moved to the Netherlands to live with her partner. Before moving here, Susan lived, studied and worked in many different places such as Paris, France, Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C./Arlington, V. A., Her various careers include student, program manager, corporate trainer, business policy & process planner, and many others. She has a BA in World Studies with an emphasis in French language and culture. She holds an ICF certification and the credential of Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach through the Coaches Training Institute.

Through all these careers and transitions in her life, Susan grew to realize that being flexible, resilient, and willing to learn new things were strengths she drew upon when making career changes and critical to her successful acclimation to so many different cultures, particularly the Dutch one.

As an American immigrant in the Netherlands, her main challenge has been to find her place inside the Dutch culture, especially when it came to finding employment. The question she often reflected upon was, “How would I fit into the fabric of this Dutch society with my experience and education that I had worked so very hard to earn in the U.S.?” 

Susan knows this isn’t an easy process. It takes courage to find your place and your career in a foreign country. It is difficult to break out of comfortable patterns, learn how to maintain who you are in a new country, and to dare to try something new or different. It takes vulnerability to see that right now things may not be going exactly the way you want and to be ready to work on yourself, so you can find a fulfilling career. Because Susan has first-hand experience with the expatriate process & journey, she is fully capable and ready to support your success in finding your career and becoming established here in the Netherlands.