Roberta Meli

Hi, my name is Roberta but you can call me Robbie!

I am a certified Clarity Life Coach with a Solution-Focused and Transformational approach to Life Coaching.
I was born and raised in Rome and spent most of my adulthood in London where I worked for the highly demanding and fast-paced corporate world of Investment Banking. I moved to The Netherlands in 2010 when my career switched to the Oil and Gas industry.
After 15 years in the corporate world, one glorious day I decided that it was time to make THE change and finally live the life I’ve always envisioned living, a meaningful life where my job resonated with who I am as a person and that somehow could contribute in making a positive change in the world.
So with that thought in mind, I sat down and asked myself “What do I Love?” “What am I gifted with? after thinking about it carefully for a while and really listening to what my heart was telling me, the answer came to me and so I had found my life purpose and a new vision for my life was built.
In 2015 I got certified by the Academy of Counselling and Life Coaching of The Hague and founded Jupiter Life Coaching with the mission of helping my clients to Get Clarity, Get Unstuck, Move Forward, Get in Control of their life and furthermore Build a Clear Vision for their Life and live with Awareness, Purpose, Focus and Confidence.
I love the Sea, Animals and my Childlike Sense of Wonder, which takes me on a Neverending fascinating journey to discover new things about myself, about others and about the world.