Roberta Colombano

I am Roberta Colombano, Bodyworker and Personal Life Coach with an approach which involves body, mind and soul. I help my clients to have a real experience during the session to understand old patterns, to make concrete choices and visualize the desired outcomes, through Positive Psychology, Being in Movement®, NLP techniques, conscious movement, Life Alignment (energy work), breathing techniques and meditation like Focusing.

Thanks to a good balance between stillness and movement
I am able to guide you on your own personal journey.

I am currently attending a school of Counseling and Playback Theatre in Italy to expand even more my understanding of ourselves and how to support our communities with continuous personal development and by interacting to each other as individuals and as a group.

I love to dance, nature, music, travelling, and I’m very curious about the diversity that makes us unique and the similarity that unites us.

I offer sessions in English, Italian and Spanish.