Richard Post

In my role as coach I focus on life and outcome coaching. As life coach I approach the issues at hand from a holistic perspective. Furthermore, I always like to dig a bit deeper to find out what the need is behind the want. Sometimes, the chosen path might not be the right one to fulfil the hidden desire. After it has become clear what you as a client want, I then like to focus on outcome coaching. In this way I help you get very clear on your goal and assist you moving forward and navigating any (internal) barriers you encounter along the way.

My education in this field has been focused around NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), being a certified master-practitioner, certified trainer and specialized in dealing with health and well-being. I have studied mindfulness, self-compassion as well as nature coaching. I am presently rounding off my studies in person-centered counselling as well as NLP therapy.

I live in the vicinity of The Hague. I have the Dutch nationality, but was born and raised abroad as the child of expats. I am bi-lingual and provide coaching in English and Dutch.