Reece Backhouse

Reece Backhouse of The Culturetect, an Amsterdam coaching agency, is a specialist in Life Coaching. He comes from a varied background of working experience, but most importantly what brought him to a career in Coaching is a curiosity for people, his venture to experience different cultures and to help people help themselves in creating a sense of contentment, wellbeing, lifestyle balance and cultural integrations. He will encourage you to determine your position in the ‘drivers seat’ while gauging your ambitions and discuss with you how best to put them into action with obtainable goals.

He is a deep listener and takes a mutual standpoint when confronted with opposing positions. With this method, he feels confident that answers will materialize from within oneself.

He is good at exploring together with clients who have a feeling of being lost; a lot of the time he feels the sense of being lost is stemming from something new on the horizon, and this new feeling or sense of unrest is best to be embraced.

The level of energy you are prepared to put into a session together with Reece is a reflection of the energy you will receive back, he doesn’t work alone; he works with you.

The term ‘Life Coaching’ to Reece has a very broad meaning. He feels that when there is a requirement or a desire for Coaching, you have a requirement or a desire for guidance. The concept of guidance will remain organic throughout, as mentioned before he will help you in helping yourself.