Nada Mesqui

I am a Co-Active coach with a strong background in business and a Master degree in Communication Science. I have held several corporate jobs in widely differing business & cultural context and, I guess you could say, I am a big fan of change.

My belief is that we are constantly either getting out of a change, currently undergoing one or preparing ourselves for the change to come. With this in mind, I work together with my clients to help support their own personal and professional change and expansion with a goal of a positive, desired transformation.

In the company of coaches

In this campaign we profile each coach from Empower Amsterdam and ask them three questions which help our community get to know them better.

Why coaching?

For a very “selfish” reason: empowering others also empowers me. Coaching is an “art of digging deeper” and as I am facilitating this path for my clients, I am also embarked on a journey together with them and being on this road of constant  deepening, learning and growing is extremely rewarding.

What inspires and motivates you to be yourself and what do you love?

Understanding the “cost” of not being my true self… Also, being a working mom of 2 boys helps with that because you suddenly realise how precious time really is and how wasted it becomes if you are trying to be something you are not… “ain’t nobody got time for that” comes to mind LOL

In moments of self-doubt, what is your go-to piece of advice (quote)?

Get to the heart of the matter! Self-doubt lives in our head, so the fastest way to move past it is to take a different route ;)