Malgosia Chabrowska

Malgosia is a business and career coach. After working in different corporations for many years and observing people struggling with confidence, motivation, and changes, she decided to help people strengthen their skills and bring them to the point they would like to be. In her work she brings an empathy and positive attitude for everybody going through changes while challenging the habits and helping to find and apply solutions together.

In the company of coaches

In this campaign we profile each coach from Empower Amsterdam and ask them three questions which help our community get to know them better.

Why coaching?

I like people a lot. I like helping them achieve their goals and watching as they develop their true potential.

What inspires and motivates you to be yourself and what do you love?

Belief that it is the only yet challenging way.

In moments of self-doubt, what is your go-to piece of advice (quote)?

"Your heart often knows things before your mind does."