Luke Cashman

What drives me is simple – I love connecting with people, understanding and adding value to people’s lives.

Spent my life learning, investigating and understanding myself and the world.
Working life started as a chef which I enjoyed the servant part the most.
I started training and loved the sports world and became an athlete, this one of the first things that helped me understand myself.
In my work life, I had my first company with over 300 staff and the eye-opener that was. I also had a turnover passing 3 million a year in under 4 years of operation.

Looking back I feel that my coaching career path was very organic for me and a natural progression of improvement.

I work full-time as a Performance / Executive Coach and am involved in 1 on 1 coaching, team-building programs, sales skill training and health, and fitness coaching.

My qualifications are as a qualified scrum master, a professional fitness coach and currently finishing my ICF (International Coach Federation) qualifications.

Clients I work with are individuals but also companies such as McKinsey & Company, IT companies, advertising agencies, and others. Reviews on my work are on the website but can also be contacted.

I would like to meet for a coffee and we can get to understand each other and the possibility of working together.