Klarrisa Frank

In 2014, I left my corporate learning and development role in Seattle to travel the world. Along the way, I had a lot of adventures that led to some of my favorite stories – including the one that led me to Amsterdam. I’ve lived in Amsterdam now since 2017. While I was excited to start a new life here initially, I started losing hope over time as I searched for a new career. After applying for job after job with little success, I finally reached out to Empower Amsterdam. Working with an Empower coach led me to not only find work again but also to restore my personal confidence in myself.

In 2019, I finished my Co-Active Coach training program in Amsterdam and have been helping clients ever since. The transition from corporate training and professional development to working with individuals has been so rewarding and inspiring. I coach clients who want to make a change in their lives, whether that’s in their career, relationships, or life in general. I love working with clients who want to play big in their lives, who are tired of not living up to their full potential.

My goal is to bring more aliveness, connection, and freedom to individuals in this world, especially in the workplace. I engage this through mindfulness exercises, asking powerful questions, and exploring your story and future dreams. Together we conquer your limiting beliefs and challenges to get you to live the life you’ve been waiting for.

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