Kelly Helinski

My name is Kelly Helinski; I am Dutch with some Polish and Belgian influences. What I like most is
working with people (individuals or groups) to help them in making a positive change in their lives.
I am an enthusiastic intercultural life coach who easily connects with people and who creates a safe
sphere of openness. I am an empathetic listener and I like to bring my clients into motion.

People approach me with different questions: how to become more relaxed at work, or how to find their dream job in the Netherlands? I discovered that underneath these questions – most of the time –
another question is hidden. It has to do with finding out what really makes you happy and
understanding what is holding you back. These are the themes we will be working on. Everyone is
different and needs different steps or tools. My goal is to analyze with you what you need so you will
go home with the information, insights and practical tools/steps that help you further.

I am also discovering (I keep learning myself as well) that knowing what one needs also requires
taking a moment to observe what is happening within you. I use a variety of methods: I listen and
ask questions, but I also use practical, sometimes physical exercises to really understand what is lying
underneath. I also use mindfulness and meditation exercises. In my experience, this reveals what is
actually going on, as the subconscious is given space, and opens up the path towards change.

Through my experience as a cultural anthropologist and having worked in an international
(development) context I specialize in intercultural coaching. I lived and worked abroad in several
countries including Peru and I definitely fell in love with Latin-America. I coach in Dutch, English and
Spanish. I am a fanatic (salsa) dancer and I love to sing – my dream is to combine coaching with
dance, voice work, and movement. I am not sure yet where all these ideas will take me, but I love to
work towards my dream. I invite you to do the same.