Jean-Christophe Peret

Change is inevitable, dealing with change successfully is optional. As a coach, I help people embrace change and unleash their natural resourcefulness and creativity, so they can move on, become a better version of themselves and renew their hunger for life and joie de vivre. 

My coaching, consulting and training experience is mainly with professionals working in large companies / multinationals. In my coaching I am always looking for the issue behind the issue. Complete state of presence, deep listening and guiding with powerful questions is the way I prefer to coach. Acknowledging change, feeling vulnerable and being out of your comfort zone is the starting point for personal growth.

I am a trained Co-Active Coach® and psychologist, with a previous 20+ years business experience as a commercial leader in Shell. I have lived, worked and travelled to many countries, learnt to deal and appreciate multicultural and diverse background. 

My coaching areas:

  • Business / Corporate Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Life Coaching

I offer sessions in English and French.

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