Daniela Dzuganova

As coach and person, I am very passionate about the ability of people to grow, their authenticity and the ability to expand at any stage of their lives. I am focusing on exploration, expansion and inner transformation. 

I believe that working on your inner self is a base for better and a more fulfilled life.  Understanding of your own needs, your feelings, going below the surface will open a large scale of opportunities and lead to improvements in your career, relations and communication with other people as well as more happiness in your private life. 

I am originally from Slovakia and I have a couple of years of experience from an international environment – studying and working in European countries (Slovakia, Germany, Italy) and currently based in Amsterdam. And I have worked predominantly in a corporate world (IT Industry). 

In my coaching, I am focusing on people who are looking for a change, people that want to claim back their life and reach their potential and live their life in flow. 

During my coaching I am
– Your mirror, your guide, helping you to grow into your more successful Self
– Helping you to overcome obstacles, confusion, building a new way of doing and seeing things
– Helping you to set new right goals and the necessary steps towards these goals

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