Anelise Schroeder

I am a Brazilian Life Coach. My life’s essence is to help people bring out their best, to help them overcome their problems and to reach their goals or to find out what are their dreams.

I have a specialization in Strategic Business Management and 10 years of work experience in corporations, banks, industries. For the last 4 years I worked with personal and professional development of trainees. I am a great listener with a positive mindset, able to motivate and encourage people to pursue their goals and to be better in whatever they want to be.

If you are a Portuguese speaker living in another country, feeling unhappy in any areas of your life, feeling that you are not moving forward, you don’t know what you want and where to start, then we can work together. We set one small step that you can take in each area to experience more fulfilment and fun in your life right now. Through our work together I will help you overcome any challenges that may arise and bring out your best, enabling you to continue steadily forward as you create and live a more fulfilling, balanced and fun-filled life.