Andries van Rozen

Connecting people with themselves and with others is my passion. Helping people to make the next step towards the person they are destined to be is very inspiring and rewarding to me. My coaching, consulting and training experience is mainly with people working in large companies / multinationals. In my coaching I am always looking for the question behind the question. Deep listening and guiding in a confronting manner is the way I prefer to coach. Being out of your comfort zone is the breeding ground for personal growth.

My professional foundation comes from sixteen years with the international practice of PwC. As a consultant I was focussing on the areas of change management and people development. Since 2013 I’m helping people and organizations as an independent consultant, trainer and coach.

Yvonne and I live near Amsterdam with our two sons Stan (’03) and Cas (’05). In the evenings & weekends I’m coaching and training at our boys’ local football club. And I’m living my own professional passion as well as I spend a lot of time on my own personal development journey in many different ways. Nature is the place I love to be and is also the perfect setting for coaching, so who knows….

My coaching areas:

  • Career Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Business / Corporate Coaching

In the company of coaches

In this campaign we profile each coach from Empower Amsterdam and ask them three questions which help our community get to know them better.

Why coaching?

For me life is a lot about asking questions. To myself and others, so coaching is a perfect way for me to follow my drive and passion.

What inspires and motivates you to be yourself and what do you love?

Nature inspires my authenticity. "Our world" focusses on speed and nature on flow.

In moments of self-doubt, what is your go-to piece of advice (quote)?

In more difficult times I envisage myself as a fly on the wall: if you are in it, it’s a drama and if you look at it, it’s a comedy. And go into nature.