Vanessa Smith

Hello, I’m Vanessa! I’ve been a certified Life Coach since 2004, with a specialization in communication, mindset, and health. My goal is to empower individuals to effectively construct happy, healthy, meaningful, and productive lives. I use a results oriented 6 step process to support the changes clients want to make, no matter what area of life they are focusing on (job, relationship, health, etc).

Using strategy and intuition, I help clients learn how to present themselves at their best, as they want to be seen, so they can better connect with the opportunities life presents. I’ve found that developing an inner sense of fierceness and confidence goes a long way when it comes to changing something in your life. Strategies can be learned. Tools can be gained. The energy you put out can be cultivated. I focus on all three.

A bit about me – I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, have a passion for food, nature, window shopping, positive social impact and entrepreneurship. I’m also the founder of two local skillshare groups in Utrecht, where we create community through learning. More about my professional and educational background at and my coaching approach at