Our international coaches

Our volunteer coaches donate some of their time and expertise to help job seekers take actions that will get them closer to their goals. Coaches donate between 3 to 5 sessions per coachee.

  • Andries van Rozen

    In his coaching, Andries is looking for the question behind the question. Deep listening and guiding in a confronting manner is the way he prefers to coach.

  • Anelise Schroeder

    Anelise’s life’s essence is to help people bring out their best, to help them overcome their problems and to reach their goals.

  • Anne Gelebart

    A trained Co-Active Coach® with a strong business experience in multinationals, used to deal with multicultural backgrounds.

  • Basak Kelleci

    I do coaching because I care. I endorse a holistic approach in coaching, everything is connected! I help my clients to explore their potential and discover the next step in their careers.

  • Daniela Dzuganova

    As coach and person, I am very passionate about the ability of people to grow, their authenticity and the ability to expand at any stage of their lives. I am focusing on exploration, expansion and inner transformation.

  • Elsa Gonzales

    My work is focused in helping my clients being happy by knowing where they really want to be in life, and taking little steps towards their goal, at their own pace.

  • Faith Cheong

    I bring my authenticity, growth mindset and playfulness to the coaching sessions. My focus is to create the space you need to get to know yourself deeply, and formulate a motivating plan to evoke transformation for a more fulfilling life, both personally and professionally!

  • Jean-Christophe Peret

    My coaching, consulting and training experience is mainly with professionals working in large companies / multinationals. In my coaching I am always looking for the issue behind the issue. Complete state of presence, deep listening and guiding with powerful questions is the way I prefer to coach. Acknowledging change, feeling vulnerable and being out of your comfort zone is the starting point for personal growth.

  • Jolanda Tetteroo

    “Coaching is creating a safe environment in which people can discover themselves”. Jolanda is an entrepreneur with a great interest in personal development.

  • Karolina Filosek

    Co-Active Coach and oncoming Gestalt therapist. Helping people rediscover their appetite for life.

  • Kelly Helinski

    What I like most is working with people (individuals or groups) to help them in making a positive change in their lives. I am an enthusiastic intercultural life coach who easily connects with people and who creates a safe sphere of openness. I am an empathetic listener and I like to bring my clients into motion.

  • Klarrisa Frank

    Klarrisa inspires you to connect to yourself and your dreams so that you can have the greatest impact on the world around you.

  • Kseniya Soroka

    I do believe that all people are naturally whole, creative and resourceful. I am convinced that each of us has come into this life with our unique set of talents and gifts.

  • Kuswadi Hedeir

    Kuswadi primarily works with mid-career professionals who want to make a purposeful and meaningful change in their professional and personal life.

  • Laura Norci

    As a certified life and career coach, I work with my clients to facilitate change and to look at their life or career through different eyes. With a positive, gently challenging approach, I help them to develop personalized strategies using their strengths and respecting their core values. Academic careers.

  • Lisa Ross-Marcus

    I am passionate about helping my clients to achieve their goals by encouraging them to think creatively and become aware of both their own internal barriers and untapped resources of strength. My coaching provides a process for individuals to make strategic and meaningful choices about their professional lives, in alignment with their values and well-being.

  • Loraine Branch

    Loraine’s role in life to help facilitate change through the coaching, mentoring and training she provides.

  • Marjolijn Vlug

    Marjolijn is a career coach who firmly believes that everyone deserves that YOU-shaped career where they can truly be themselves, feel valued and welcome. She has strong communications skills and an extensive background in HR & Recruitment in the Netherlands. Sessions with Marjolijn can focus on both the practical and the purpose-driven, strategic sides of finding a new job.

  • Michelle Mourits

    A qualified Transformational Life Coach supporting individuals to navigate through various life transitions with confidence and clarity.

  • Miguel Baumann

    Miguel has a background in leading digitals teams at corporates as well as setting up his own startups. He is now working as career&life coach for young professionals in Tech and challenges them to go beyond what they thought is possible in their career.

  • Monika Kijewska

    Being a certified coach, I assist people in their growth. A journey towards discovering goals and ways to realize them. I facilitate and accompany you in the change journey of discovering your wants and strengths, seeing your life as a whole, dealing with obstacles, and limiting beliefs.

  • Pam Steyn

    I am an experienced Integral Coach, incorporating contemporary neuroscience in my coaching. This means I look at the whole person and meet my clients “where they are” through real presence and deep listening. I am passionate about seeing others discover the potential which lies within themselves.

  • Paul Singh

    My working methods are simple and straightforward. Observe, analyse, plan, execute and anticipate. I could come across assertive but in a positive way as I want my clients to get the best out of themselves. My sessions are not based on a "one size fits all model", instead it is a tailor-made approach. As I work globally, I have developed a strong understanding of ethnic diversity and cultural values. I have coached many startups, entrepreneurs and executives in their journey and leadership challenges.

  • Paulina Stankiewicz

    A trained Co-Active Coach® with 15+ years of corporate experience in large global organisations passionate about the cultural diversity and women leadership. Eager to help clients reach their potential and find courage to dream and make these dreams come true. 

  • Roberta Meli

    Certified Clarity Life Coach with the mission of helping her clients to Get Clarity, Get Unstuck, Move Forward and Get in Control of their life.

  • Ruth Pannekoek

    Through coaching I help you, but also teams and organisations, to unlock your full potential. I find it important to be a secure base to my clients in times of change, establishing a caring ànd daring relationship. In my work, I focus on the head, hands and heart connection. The deeper this connection is, the more you are able to tap into your own inner wisdom. And by doing so you are able to be your full self, in all facets of life.

  • Saskia Bergmann

    Saskia’s mission is to support people worldwide to embrace their power and become successful in their career and life. She empowers her clients to create a next level version of themselves by transforming their mindset.

  • Stefania Garosio

    Acting as a resource faciliator, Stefania supports, inspires and challenges people through the phases of a change.

  • Susan de Vriend

    Susan lived, studied and worked in many different places such as Paris, France, Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C./Arlington, V. A., Her various careers include student, program manager, corporate trainer, business policy & process planner, and many others.

  • Vincent Eid

    My purpose as a coach is to pop any bubble limiting your potential, and I will do anything for that. I will challenge you, and it won’t feel comfortable at times, but it will definitely be exciting and rewarding for you. I want you to live your potential! I want you to dream big! And I want you to achieve your dreams! And I will be there to support you during your transformation.

  • Zsofia Zsigmond

    I've been through so many changes in my life but learned how to manage transitions and swim rather than just float. I support my clients throughout their career transition as well as helping expat spouses find their new purpose.

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