Empower Amsterdam helps struggling internationals to make the turning point towards getting their mojo back. We’ve accomplished so much so far. With little to no financial resources we managed to offer free coaching sessions to more than 100 people, and we’re not stopping!

Upcoming events

Currently we don't have any upcoming events. Stay in touch with us to be updated.

Past events

  • Supercharge your confidence and boost your career

    - Circl, ABN Zuidas

    We welcome everyone to join Vanessa Smith, certified Life Coach with a specialization in communication and mindset, as she presents her workshop;

    Come along and discover simple techniques to grow your confidence in various career focussed situations.

    What we’ll cover

    • Learn the top 3 tips to succeed in interviews, presentations, job fairs, and networking
    • Experience easy ways to calm nervousness and project confidence
    • Walk away with new connections, ideas, and resources

    “When you believe in yourself, others believe in you too.”

    This is a paid workshop and all proceeds are for the benefit of Stichting Empower Amsterdam

  • Pop up Coaching session July

    - ABN Zuidas

    We’d love to invite you to our next Pop Up coaching event.

    The benefits of coaching

    Coaching helps you establish realistic goals, discover solutions to challenges you may be up against, develop action plans and build your motivation and confidence.

    Whilst coaching is more of a process than a one-time action through our Pop- Up coaching sessions allow you to get a taste of the power of coaching and how effective it can be.

    You take charge of your life and career by changing it from what it is today to something you’ve always dreamed of, being the ultimate goal.

    How does the Pop- Up coaching session work?

    • You will have a one to one coaching session with one of our qualified coaches
    • Each session runs a duration of 45 minutes
    • To make the most of your session come prepared with a specific issue you need help with or a challenge you are facing at the moment that you need help navigating through
    • Bring a pen and paper so you don’t miss any of the valueable insights

    Spaces are limited so pleae book your ticket today!

  • Pop up Coaching sessions

    - ABN Zuidas

    Do you ever feel that you aren’t where you want to be in your life?

    Have you been curious about coaching but not sure if it is for you?

    Well, why not join us at at next pop up coaching evening where you can ‘try out’ coaching for yourself. You’ll receive a 45 minute, private 1:1 coaching session with one of our international coaches.

    There are many benefits to coaching, helping you to;

    • Establish and take action towards achieving your goals
    • Become more self-reliant and resourceful
    • Gain more job and life satisfaction
    • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
    • Work more easily and productively with others
    • Communicate more effectively

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Register via Evenbrite.
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  • Pop up Coaching sessions

    - ABN Zuidas

    Do you feel you aren’t where you want to be in your life or career?
    Have you ever wanted to try coaching but wondered if it is right for you?

    Our International coaches will help you find answers.
    We’re offering 1 to 1 sessions to help you find out if coaching is something for you.
    Receive a 45 min session to address a problem you would like to resolve. Speak with a coach who will be your sounding board and help you figure out what to do next.

    We have coaches that speak the different languages like Dutch, English, Spanish and others.
    Register via Evenbrite.

  • You’re invited to Empower!

    - Element

    Think about a moment in your life when you lost your job and this made your world collapse. SOMETHING pulled you back and now you’re stronger than ever!

    We are that SOMETHING! Empower Amsterdam helps struggling internationals to make the turning point towards getting their mojo back. We’ve accomplished so much so far. With little to no financial resources we managed to offer free coaching sessions to about 40 people, and we’re not stopping!

    Now YOU have the power to help! We need YOU to continue empowering even more.

    On the evening of September 21st we host our second fundraising event at the new&hype Element Amsterdam.

    We’ve set the stage for a fantastic evening, full of inspiration and mojo:

    – get inspired by our star speakers David Beckett and Martha Fisher

    – enjoy delicious gourmet dishes

    – join the live auction and get your hands on 1 star Michelin restaurant dinner, training package at iGym, jewellery, LinkedIn Roller Coaster by Petra Fisher, baby sensory classes and many more.

    – mingle with other thriving guests, united by their stories of success

    Should you be unable to make it, please support us by inviting friends and/or donating here.

    Looking forward to seeing you there! Get your tickets.
    Empower Amsterdam team

  • Get Focused: Your One Page CV!

    - Post Oost

    There have been many calls for a workshop on CV writing and in this month’s Empower Amsterdam workshop Jane Stephenson will share her expertise in a fun way to kick off this topic.

    • Your CV is your calling card to a new job: it’s the first information about yourself you offer to a prospective employer.
    • If writing one feels like a mammoth task, a task that demands blood, sweat, and tears or if your CV never seems to get a response from recruiters, come to this workshop and discover a new way to present yourself.
    • We will take a fresh look at how you can display your skills and experience and achievements and make them shine!
    • We are keeping this interactive workshop small, with a maximum 10 participants, so that each participant has a chance to get feedback on their new CV layout.
  • Connect with Your Jiminy Cricket!

    - Post Oost

    Villia de Koningh presents this workshop:
    Connect with your Jiminy Cricket!

    Living in alignment with your core values you will naturally be consistent with your authentic self. When your life is in alignment with your values, deep satisfaction expands within you.

    Discover your core values. Know them, learn from them, embrace the ones that serve you, move away from the ones that do not serve.

    They will show you why you behave and act in certain ways.

    They will have you manage conflict and see other people more clearly. They will shine the light on what really matters to you. They will explain to you why you feel what you feel.

    They are a system in perfect working order: they’re the central HQ of how you choose and what you decide, how you behave & how you act. core values underpin how you live your life.

    They assist you to answer, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What do I stand for?’

    During this workshop, we will discover what are our 3 core values and then create a core values creed for your life. Your creed will reflect who you are and what’s important to you.

    Let your creed become your benchmark, your standard of the best you. Using it will help align your behavior with your core values. Measure yourself against it and continuously ask yourself if your current activity is moving toward your vision of your best life.

    This workshop is free, but please book your place using the Eventbrite platform as space is limited: follow the link to reserve your spot.