Great success at the Pop Up Coaching Sessions

Last Friday, we held our first coaching Pop-up Session, to introduce those unfamiliar to coaching what it was all about.

The event, which was held at Post Oost, near Oosterpark in Amsterdam, had people queuing before the doors opened at 9:30, each curious to learn more about Empower Amsterdam and to see how we could help them.  Five coaches were on hand to provide insight, and gave impromptu short sessions to help people on to take the first step on their next career path.

The room was buzzing with activity – with people wandering in with an air of confusion or uncertainty, and leaving with a feeling of hope.

One of the Empower coaches – Villia de Koningh, noticed a trend of hope in the room: “As each session came to an end I saw each coachee walk out lighter and clearer than when they entered. It seemed that each person was seen by with the right coach for them and they also received exactly what they needed in that moment. All in all a very positive outcome.”

One example of the people we helped was a lady who came in not really knowing why she was there. Once we explained what Empower Amsterdam did, she replied that she was not looking for career or CV advice, but for help with self-development. The coach she was talking with was able to give a short sessions there and then, providing some on-the-spot guidance.  That lady booked follow-up session straight away. In fact, all of the coachees who attended the event did the same thing – making the first Pop-Up Coaching Session a resounding success.

We’d like to thank everyone that attended – it was great to see you and to give you a flavour of what we can build together. We are also grateful to the coaches (as ever) for their time and dedication.  We are doing this together. This is our Time to Thrive!