Giving People a Mirror to See Themselves and Their Potential

Flor de Maria Paredes Mattos, Empower Amsterdam Board Member and Certified Corporate and Executive Coach, helps bring much-needed coaching support to those who need it most. Flor works in the Amsterdam area, through her company Facing the Change, she offers coaching in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Why is coaching so important?

“I believe coaching is important because when you are being coached you are forced to look at your life and / or work in such a way that you can make effective changes and achieve goals.

“Coaching is like putting a mirror in front of you. A mirror which shows your inner you. A mirror through which you can evaluate how well (or not) you are using your strengths, and how effective you are working on your weaknesses.

“A coach will support you on this journey, challenge you where appropriate, and help you reach your destination faster, and more efficiently than you would alone.”

What got you into coaching?

“The fact that I am intrigued by people and people behaviours drew me to coaching. I’m passionate about people, talent, performance, and development, and this means I love to coach. For me, there is nothing as satisfying as knowing that I‘ve had a positive impact on someone’s life.

“I have been in the ‘service’ sector for most of my career, with a number of different jobs, including guiding, teaching, managing, coaching and leading people. These roles saw me using coaching, clear communication and a great dose of commitment. After coaching in these roles for years, I decided to qualify in it, and I started studying. The UK Coaching Academy provided me with tools and structure to add to my own coaching skills.

“I want to coach people so that they can have fulfillment and can concentrate on growing as individuals and professionals.”

Can you give us an idea of what coaching involves?

“Coaching involves confrontation. It means confronting yourself and acknowledging that change is needed. Being open and honest with yourself allows you to start working on your own personal development.

“The very personal nature of coaching means that it can often be emotional. For all coaching, whether it be career coaching, leadership coaching or any other kind, a good healthy balance between intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence is needed.”

Do you specialise in any type of coaching?

“Although I very much like working with all sorts of people, my specialism is really corporate and executive coaching. This can be anything from helping an executive to fulfill their own individual goals to working with a whole team, looking at how they interact and work together.”

What’s your favourite part of being involved with Empower?

“The coaching itself. Working with people who are truly motivated to find a job again. People who were stuck, for whatever reason, and want to move on and work on themselves.  

“I very much enjoy working with Shea and Jane on leading, and growing, Empower Amsterdam. The three of us bring our own experience and expertise to the table and complement each other. From every brainstorming session or meeting we have, I learn so much, while I try to share my knowledge at the same time.”

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Interview by: Waynne Meek