Shea Harty

Shea Harty has a background in human resources, communications & marketing, as well as American law. She was born in New York, USA and moved to the Netherlands with her family in 2005. She worked primarily in financial institutions using her skills and knowledge in HR, communications, and law to manage large international projects. In 2008, after being made redundant, she started working for herself as a contractor for financial institutions. Sometime in 2015, she wanted to make a difference in the world and the lives of people around her. Without looking too far, she found that foreigners to the Netherlands didn’t have full access to the career support available to Dutch citizens due to language barriers. She wanted to find a way to help people, who were unemployed, get out of that feeling of being stuck and helpless. She remembered her own experience of being unemployed and the powerless feeling it can create within a person. With her co-founders Jane Stephenson and Flor Parades Mattos, they have helped over 200 clients with the help and support of over 30 volunteers.

In addition, to being a Managing Director for Empower Amsterdam, she provides personal brand coaching with her company The What If Project, to women wanting more visibility in their companies. She works with women, who are starting their own business, enter the world of entrepreneurship. She manages the Women in Tech Regatta conference in Amsterdam and the community throughout the year. Through her company, The ArchiTECHts, she works with small & medium sized companies transform and maintain their company culture when there is fast growth.

In her personal life, she is married to a Dutchman with whom she raises four children. She is an avid runner and Bikram yoga enthusiast.