Jane Stephenson

Jane Stephenson was born in the North East of England and trained as an
accountant and business analyst. She worked first in the UK, then relocated
to the Netherlands for work, and spent 20 years in the corporate world.
During that time, to satisfy a curiosity about people and how human
relationships impact the world of work, she studied psychology, and then a
post grad diploma in coach/counseling, finally setting up her own
coaching and training business, Knowboundaries, in 2007. Knowboundaries
specializes in career coaching, and communication issues, sometimes
using Equine Assisted coaching as a coaching tool.

Jane’s background meant that when Shea threw out her idea to help
unemployed foreigners to the Netherlands who were unable to full access
the career support available to Dutch citizens due to language barriers she
was immediately drawn to the concept and excited to become involved.

Since founding Empower Amsterdam and stepping up as Treasurer and
Director of Training Programs has reached over 200 clients with the help
and support of over 30 volunteers and co-founders Shea and Flor.
Jane is married, has a grown-up daughter and lives in a small Dutch village
with her dog, cat, and pony.