Flor Paredes Mattos

Before I started my coaching and consultancy business, I worked as an international professional for multinational companies such as British Telecom and NTT Communications Europe. I have been responsible for Global Operations in Customer Service, Global Service Delivery and Service Management. I have set up and managed both service and technical teams and also managed virtual teams in Europe, India and Rest of World, where I have learned how to achieve higher productivity through teamwork, proper guidance, mentoring and effective coaching.

Prior to working in Telecoms, I worked in the travel industry for Holiday Inn and Walt Disney in Paris. I have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of demanding roles.

As a corporate coach and consultant, I run different coaching programs within
organizations but also with individuals.

As Co-founder an Empower Amsterdam I’m co-responsible for the continued growth of Empower. As a team, we work as leaders strategically, tactically and hands-on at the same time.

As the Director of coaches, I am responsible for introducing certified volunteer
coaches who share our Empower values. I continuously work on expanding the team by providing support and guidance. We have monthly team meetings and set up different events for which the collaboration of coaches is needed.

I want to use the experience I have gained throughout my career working for International companies globally to expand Empower Amsterdam. I am someone who knows how to set goals and achieve them and have a proven track record of being able to build successful relationships. I am ambitious and serious about achieving Empower’s goals and objectives.

In the company of coaches

In this campaign we profile each coach from Empower Amsterdam and ask them three questions which help our community get to know them better.

Why coaching?

Because I’m passionate about people, talent, performance and development, and I love to get the best out of people. I believe that with coaching you can look at your life and work balance in such a way that you can make effective changes to achieve your desired goals.

What inspires and motivates you to be yourself and what do you love?

Believing in myself and the fact that I can be happy and successful doing the things I am passionate about. I love my family, I love diversity and respect. I love different cultures and I love to dance.

In moments of self-doubt, what is your go-to piece of advice (quote)?

If I fail, I will not see it as a failure, I will see it as an opportunity to improve.