How we work

Our volunteer coaches willing to donate some of their time to help job seekers take actions that will get them closer to their goals.


We offer three to five free 1:1 career coaching for individuals looking for support during their job search.

What is coaching? Coaching is a practice that helps people on the path to self-discovery. The premise is that every human being is capable of change and growth, and has the answers within themselves. The coach is here to help us discover that.

Specifically when it comes to career coaching, our coaches can help you:

  • Determine a clearer profile of the type of job you’re looking for
  • How to communicate to employers who you are
  • Define a clear objective for your job search
  • Discover solutions to challenges you have been experiencing
  • Build motivation and confidence

We offer free career coaching sessions because we believe it’s extremely beneficial to people who are job hunting, and have seen first-hand how it helps people get back into employment. We’ve helped over 250 people and counting!

Job hunting can sometimes be a lonely process, which is why having a coach to share your questions with is so helpful. It can help set you on the right track, and regain focus.

How does it work?

You will have an intake session where your coach will explain how the sessions work. You are not obligated to stay with any coach. If you find that they are not a good fit for you then you can simply end the sessions and choose another one.

Coaching sessions are typically done via Skype. If you feel more comfortable meeting in person you and your coach can agree on one of the appropriate meeting locations

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Pop-up events

Our pop-up events are designed to help people get familiar with career coaching, and potentially find a coach they’re interested in working with. We understand that you might not be sure whether career coaching is for you, or are uncertain of what the benefits of career coaching are, which is why we created them.

The format: During the pop-up you get to experience a 45 minute 1:1 with one of our coaches. It’s best to come prepared with a topic you need help with, so you can jump right in!

All sessions are private and your conversations remain personal and confidential.

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Our career workshops are designed as a complement to the 1:1 coaching, or just as a way to boost your inspiration and confidence on a one-off basis.

Workshops are all related to careers or starting your own business, and either run by one of our coaches or an external facilitator who is a subject matter expert.

Workshops last for about two hours and are very interactive. Be prepared to do some work! Workshops are paid events.

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