How it works

We offer three to five free 1:1 career coaching sessions for individuals looking for support during their job search.

How can coaching benefit you?

Job hunting can be a lonely process, which is why having a coach to share your questions with and to gain insight from is so helpful. It can help set you back on the right track, and regain focus.

Coaching is a practice that helps people on the path to self-discovery. The premise is that every human being is capable of change and growth, and has the answers within themselves. The coach is here to help us discover that.

Our career coaches can help you: 

  • Determine a clearer profile of the type of job you’re looking for
  • Learn to communicate to employers who you are
  • Define a clear objective for your job search
  • Discover solutions to challenges you have been experiencing
  • Build motivation and confidence

Eligibility: You have to be an unemployed professional currently living in the Netherlands with a valid working Visa to be eligible for our free coaching.

How it works: We’ve seen firsthand how coaching by the experts helps people get back into employment. Take your job hunt to the next level and join the 250+ people who have benefited from the work we do.

Your initial intake meeting with your coach will explain how the sessions are going to work. You’ll get to meet your coach (via Skype) and decide if you’re a good fit for one another. If not, no worries and no hard feelings, you can simply end the current sessions and start again with a different coach.

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