How does it work?

Our volunteer coaches willing to donate some of their time to help job seekers take actions that will get them closer to their goals.

Coaches donate between 3 to 5 sessions per coachee. These sessions are used to determine what you want or need to do get you closer to your goal. The number of sessions is determined by the goal you set and how many sessions that coach is able to donate to our foundation. You can choose the coach you think you would like to work with on our volunteer coach page or contact us via email to be matched with a coach.

You will have an intake session where your coach will explain how coaching works and how they work with Empower Amsterdam. You are not obligated to stay with any coach. If you find that they are not a good fit for you then you can simply end the sessions and choose another coach.

Coaching sessions are typically done via Skype. If you feel more comfortable meeting in person you and your coach can agree on one of the appropriate meeting locations provided by Empower Amsterdam.

We offer workshops that compliment the coaching sessions you receive. Workshops are provided based on the time and number of participants. To find out more about our upcoming events, take a look at our Events page.

Empower Amsterdam helped me round off my corners and helped me land my first job here in The Netherlands! They offer sample sessions with career coaches, I would recommend them to anyone on the lookout for a job here in Netherlands and needs another set of eyes to evaluate any possible areas of improvements.

D.K. Kottayal, Empower client