Are you an unemployed international professional living in The Netherlands? We’re here to help you get back to work!

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What we do?

Empower Amsterdam is a volunteer run, self funded organisation which helps non-native Dutch job seekers living in The Netherlands get back in the game.

We know what it’s like to be struggling with not having a job. Not to mention while living in a country where you don’t speak the native language fluently.

Budgets are tight, you’re excluded from the resources and channels open to native Dutch speakers and self doubt is high.

Here’s your chance for a turning point. Take back your power, redefine your career and be supported as you make the moves to finding a job.

What we offer

  • Free one to one career coaching. If you’re currently unemployed and living in the Netherlands with a valid working visa, then you’re eligible for our free coaching programs. Designed to help you map out what you want for your career, set out an action plan to get you closer to your goals, and keep you accountable for taking the steps towards finding new opportunities.
  • Free monthly pop up workshop events with the main goal to help you help yourself. Anyone can join and engage with the community in breakout groups while learning invaluable self development strategies from our coaches as well as ways to beat any negative self doubt or fears we know come with being unemployed.
  • Exclusive paid workshops featuring new guests each month. Pay a small donation free to receive workshops from experts in their fields who are sharing their tips for reentering the market, career growth, how to harness opportunities and regain your mojo.

Apply below to meet one of our coaches and start your FREE career coaching this month! No hidden fees, if you’re unemployed living in the Netherlands with a valid working visa, we’re here because we see YOU and we want to help.

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